14 Apr, 2021

Wholesale disadvantages

On the principle of "I judge you from your mouth", it did not take long for Apple to lie until it was revealed by some users of iPhone phones of all versions, as they suffered from several unforgivable defects when using their devices, the most prominent of which were:

  • The high prices:
    The prices imposed by the company, especially on recent versions, and these have become an apparent on its own right. Indeed, the exaggeration of prices has led to reduction in their use.

  • Restrictions:
    Apple poses restrictions on its smartphones. Its users cannot add or delete anything from the phone except with iTunes, you can only download a game from the Apple Store for programs and games, and these restrictions have alienated some users and switched to other phones.

  • The camera:
    it is very weak compared to the HUAWEI, HTC and Samsung cameras.
    This video is an example:


  • Weak battery:
    One of the biggest problems facing users is the weak battery of iPhone phones, especially as it can only be replaced by experts by opening the device, because the back of the device is not removable like the rest of smartphones.  And other problems appeared related to the explosion of the battery and its short

life, and we published about that previously.

  • File and data transferring:
    Apple imposes outstanding restrictions on file and data transfer from its smartphones, as iPhone phones do not support transferring files to any other phone, and the feature is limited to operating a Bluetooth headset only.

Nevertheless, although it was not long after the launch of the latest version (12), the company began forthcoming the launch of the new generation of its phone.  So far, the name that will be used for this generation is not detected yet, according to the "CNET" website, which specialized for the news of technology.  Ming Chu Ku, a technology market expert, says that "Apple" plans to launch 3 classes of smartphones, namely: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max, while Apple has not specified a date for the launch of the new device.

In conclusion, despite successive releases, huge promotions, high prices, and the monopolistic ways, the company continues its policy based on propaganda and users' ignorance, And the new ones,of the problems facing many, especially those who did not face some of the previous problems or did not notice them in the first place.