14 Apr, 2021

Nullify magic

When we hear someone talking about iPhone, we think of the luxury of the name, the quality of manufacture, the charm of technology, the elegance of appearance.

For years, Apple succeeded in imprinting that mental image in the brains, but it is time to nullify this magic and decipher the fake spell.

Although there are many who believe that owning the latest versions of the iPhone series and living with the Apple experience is a dream for them, we have to alert them from the following:

  1. This is an American product and it is a booster of the American economy, and therefore must be boycotted for moral reasons above all. These reasons are partly related to US behavior and policies, and partly related with the company itself.

  2. If there is no boycott decision due to a moral or humanitarian situation, we must pay attention to other economic and technical reasons.

  3. One of the economic reasons is the monopoly of the company and the cost of its products compared to other products of excellent and even higher quality, and in general: there Apple products are always higher $ 400 in average than the best other device in the market at the same time.

  4. One of the technical reasons is that there are many recent versions of the iPhone that were suffering from major problems that caused an uproar around the world, and these problems led to the aversion of some customers and their move to smart phones provided by other companies, such as: HUAWEI, Samsung, Oppo, HTC.

After all we have known and will know, we think closer to certainty, that Apple no longer has the same reputation as its predecessor, because what begins with a lie will end with the scandal.