Launching the Hashtag #BoycottiPhone on Social Media Platforms

The International Movement to Boycott US Products (BUP) launched a campaign to boycott the Apple iPhone on Monday, March 12, 2021, where number of activists around the world par...


Extensions that increase profits

When the iPhone was launched, the American company Apple has become dependent on a policy that followers consider a "tricky trick" to withdraw more money from users' pockets. ...


Humanitarian scandals inside Apple labs

It seems that the Apple’s scandals won’t end, the suffering scandal of its factory workers is one of its scandals.  The BBC released a documentary in which it clarified the fact...


"Siri" spy technology

A glamorous aura, an achievement that went beyond description until it gained a formidable reputation by international standards and norms This is howApple presents itself as...


Wholesale disadvantages

On the principle of "I judge you from your mouth", it did not take long for Apple to lie until it was revealed by some users of iPhone phones of all versions, as they suffered f...


Nullify magic

When we hear someone talking about iPhone, we think of the luxury of the name, the quality of manufacture, the charm of technology, the elegance of appearance. For years, App...


Call to participate in signing the iPhone boycott petition

The BUP has called for participation in a campaign to sign a petition calling for a boycott of Apple products, especially iPhones. The movement s...


BUP launches campaign to boycott iPhone

The international Movement to Boycott American Products (BUP) has launched its new campaign to boycott the mainstay of Apple products, the iPhones.


Mutual Interests: Apple & the Zionist Entity

The Israeli media, through the drama screened on its televisions, is quick to exploit scenes that prove the merit of Apple on the one hand, and to benefit from achieving materia...