19 Apr, 2021

An Interview of the Official Spokesperson with the "Sada Al- Dahiya" Website

In an interview with Nour Khalil on the “Sada Al- Dahiya” website, the spokeswoman of the International Movement to Boycott U.S Products (BUP), Mona Issa, spoke about the difficulties of promoting boycott as a way of life, giving an example of the movement's ongoing campaign to boycott the Apple iPhone, and the importance of supporting the local economy.

Issa explained that the BUP, which was founded in 2019, was launched by a group of youth groups around the world who share a common belief in confronting the United States hegemony and its oppression around the world.

In this interview, a set of issues related to boycott were discussed, such as how American companies use the people’s misfortunes to promote their products and brands, referring to how "Burger King" in Egypt used the Suez Canal crisis to promote its burger with a poster mocking the crisis, a crisis that cost Egypt millions of dollars.

She added that Apple used the global economic crisis to accumulate wealth. When Issa explained the details of boycotting the Apple iPhone, Khalil wondered about its success. The answer was: Apart from the fact that the economic crisis made it difficult to buy an iPhone, we had a positive response to the campaign from many people around the world.

Issa said that the difficulty that faces BUP is changing the habits of consumers in society. At the time, the boycott culture was not previously very popular, but today the Lebanese people for example have become more aware of the importance of supporting the local economy.

Issa stressed that taking a stance against US aggression is no less important than finding alternatives and achieving economic independence, noting that a strong independent economy means a strong people, capable of making their own decisions, which is a value that BUP strongly supports.