The International Movement to Boycott USA products

Who are we:

Popular boycott movement, Independent, non-profit Not affiliated with a country or a party, It was established in 2019 with contribution of youth groups in many countries of the world, And it aspires to expand in more than one country to fight the US economic policy, That seeks to dominate on

the peoples and their capabilities and control over internal and regional markets.

General targets:

. Weakening the US economy, By working to reduce American exports and services to the world, Also reduce the use of the dollar in all commercial operations.

. Creating popular awareness with   Boycott's culture,
As it’s An ethical And humanitarian position, More than a political position, And development it gradually to be a pressure tool against of American dominance and crimes Policies followed.

Policies followed:
. working against of American Economic Imperialism, By peaceful available methods.

. Expanding the frameworks of the movement, To transcend any religious, sectarian or partisan character.

. Stay away from topics

That trigger sensitivities in personal thoughts and beliefs.

. Avoid attacking ruling systems, In member states, Also avoid Wading in internal problems.

. The enemy is America the country, Not American people, And we have no purpos, in boycotting American society.

. Funding the movement through a group of businessmen who believe in its goals and policies.

. We accept all unconditional donations from individuals and foundations.

. The movement isn’t a center for marketing alternative products of American goods. If presented in the context of any report, this is for the sake of evidence and comparison.